Our Solutions
Fermentation commercialization and project development solutions, by Zea2

Scale-up Acceleration

The startup executive team understands the challenges an early-stage company’s face to raise capital to build and operate pilot or pre-commercial manufacturing facilities. It takes a lot of time, resources, and money to staff, operate, and maintain the facility. Contract manufacturing greatly reduces the financial and technological risks of building your own facility and can expedite timeline.

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Semi-Commercial Works

Zea2 has made extensive capital investments in upgrading the fermentation seed train through the 15,000 liter scale enabling aerobic and aseptic capability at the Zea2 facility. This has allowed us to successfully develop both upstream and downstream processes to produce amino acids, organic acids, food additives, cellulosic sugars, alcohols, and esters at the facility for both food and industrial grade products. With the appropriate future partner, Zea2 intends to continue upgrading the facility through the 150,000 liter scale and eventually achieve 450,000 liters of total aseptic, aerobic fermentation capacity at the facility. This would enable the success of most large semi-commercial operations.

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Project Development

Zea2 has executed a number of internal fermentation projects at varying scale and understands the pitfalls of going it alone as well as the capital-intensive nature of commercial scale project development. Our internal team and partner network’s combination of industry experience, EPC management, and real estate & infrastructure development can help companies create a viable project plan, while mitigating industry specific risks that are often overlooked. After Zea2 helps you to grow past semi-works capacity, we strive to leverage that combined experience to support or even lead greenfield development efforts for subsequent larger scale commercial projects.

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