About Zea2TM
Zea2 has extensively upgraded the fermentation capabilities to serve as a launchpad for your commercial success.

your future.

Zea2’s semi-commercial works, at the Port of Morrow can scale your fermentation process from 1400 liters to 150,000 liters with a myriad of downstream processing options for product purification. The facility provides ease of access to the west coast and the entire Pacific Rim. Zea2 can provide both competitively priced corn-based and cellulosic-based carbohydrate feedstock. Its world-class team of experienced operations staff and biotechnology consultants work diligently to accelerate your company’s technology commercialization. These foundational relationships are readily extended to project development activities are that can be mutually beneficial as Boardman provides the ability to dramatically accelerate scale-up at a fraction of the cost, replacing the need to capital raise and fund the costly and time-consuming construction of a one-time commercial demonstrator.

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Our Mission, Your Solutions

Zea2 exists to provide scale-up and custom manufacturing solutions for the production of nutraceuticals, supplements, food ingredients, and API for North America, the Pacific Rim, and around the world.

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